It costs about €25,000 per year to run and equip the “St. Brendan”, and train the crew so that both lifeboat and crew are in a permanent state of readiness, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. This is in addition to the money required to purchase the “St. Brendan” and the building costs for the boathouse.

BISRA is financed almost entirely by voluntary contributions from the local community, although it does receive a small grant from the Department of the Communications, Marine and Natural Resources.

Where does the money go?

All of the money raised through charitable donations is spent directly on maintaining 24 hour readiness for the “St. Brendan”. All members of BISRA are volunteers, and no payments of any kind are made to any member.

When an emergency call is received, it is the responsibility of the attending Launch Officer and Cox to decide whether it is safe to launch the lifeboat. The paramount concern of both officers is the safety of the lifeboat crew.

Buying and equipping the “St. Brendan” and the boathouse in which she is housed are the biggest items of expenditure for BISRA. However, these are one-off costs that are budgeted for through special fund-raising activities.

Other costs recur annually, and in order to maintain the lifeboat on full 24 hour alert, funds must be available to meet this expenditure.

The biggest cause of death in water-related incidents is hypothermia. Protecting the lifeboat crew against this risk accounts for the largest element of annual expenditure, as shown in the following table.

BISRA acknowledges the generous support of the people of Bantry and the surrounding districts, without which its work could not continue.

If you would like to make a gift of any of the items below, or make a donation of any amount to help continue the work of BISRA, please contact us. The details of any donation will be kept anonymous if that is your wish.

Item Annual Cost
Dry Suits/Thermal Clothing (Replacement or Repair) €2800
Lifejackets/Helmets/Gloves €3800
Fuel/Oil €1800
Equipment Service/Repair €4000
Electricity €1500
Telephone €500
Insurance €5500
Training/Meeting Expenses €2500
Buildings Maintenance/Consumables €1500
best infrared thermometer for baby €100
Miscellaneous equipment €1000