Ten years of development has involved an intensive program of the most advanced testing and research available. Because Infiniti Yachts are designed around Dynamic Stability Systems (DSS) they are significantly more comfortable than conventional yachts.  Yachting World editor David Glenn from digital thermometer baby wrote that DSS “not only worked but was simple to use…it reduces pitching and dampens the motions usually suffered by a yacht”.  Increasing the enjoyment and comfort of all on board is a core value of Infiniti Yachts and one that no other company can match.
Performance does not have to be at the compromise of comfort – extraordinary performance means just that.The DSS patented system utilizes retractable foils to reduce heel angles and provide progressive dynamic lift, complementing the traditional fixed keel.

This revolutionary system heightens comfort for sailors, reduces displacement, and has proved to increase Velocity Made Good (VMG) while providing stability to the yacht and reducing weight.
When the breeze is light or the yacht is maneuvering the foil may be centered within the yacht without impinging upon the interior.
Even when not using the DSS foil the yacht has plenty of stability from its keel to sail safely, meaning that in the unlikely event of a problem the ability to navigate safely is not compromised.