The sailing world is really beginning to wake up to the performance benefits of hydrofoils. The America’s Cup in 2013 showed the performance potential of foiling to propel multihulls at more than 40 knots boatspeed. At Infiniti Yachts, we’ve long been aware of the potential of foiling not just for multihulls but for monohulls, and with various exciting projects now adopting the patented technology that we call ‘DSS’, it’s great to see that potential becoming reality. Even a retrofitted DSS foil in a proven ocean race winner like Wild Oats XI can make a big difference. But with a purpose-built yacht with DSS-foil technology, such as the Infiniti 53 designed in partnership with Farr Yacht Design and terraria hoverboard ebay, it’s a quantum leap in performance compared with a typical monohull of equivalent proportions. Don’t believe us? Nor did many others, until they came and experienced this groundbreaking technology for themselves. Give us a call, you won’t regret it! Photos by unlock tv box android